37+ Service Business Ideas (Low Cost) Service-Based Business

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The Best Small Business to Start With Zero Investment Is Service Based Business. It Is the Best Small Business to Start With Low Investment and Earns a Good Income.

If You Want to Start a Profitable Small Business with Your Skills in 2023 and Earn in $$$

If Yes

Then Read This Complete Post, Here You Can Find All the Best Service-Based Business to Start in the USA, How to Start, and Make It Profitable.

There Are Only Two Types of Things Sold in the Market, One Is Products and Another Is Services. 

It Needs High Investment and Research to Develop Products and Also Requires Marketing Investment to Increase the Sales of the Product.

But the Scenario Is Completely Change When It Comes to Service-based Business.

Service Based Business to Start with Low Investment
Service-Based Business to Start with Low Investment

Most Profitable Service-Based Business Ideas | Service Business Opportunitiy

It Doesn’t Require High Investment and Men Power to Start or to Do the Research, It Only Needs to Learn Some Skills, in Which You Are Interested in or the Most Demanded Skills.

Then You Can Learn That With Online or Offline Course and Then You Can Start Earning by Providing Good Service.

Lucrative Small Business ideas in 2023 | Most Successful Small Business Ideas With Low Investment | No Investment Business

There Are Many Service-based Businesses Which Are in Most Demanding in 2023. In 2023 There Are Two Types of Service Based Business One Is 

  1. Offline Service-based Business 
  2. Online Service Business

Both Have Many Advantages and Disadvantages but Both Will Work for You. If You Are a Student Then You Can Also Start It as a Part-time Any Earn Pocket Money.


Recommendation- Always Improve Your Skills and Try Learning New Skills.

Of Course, Your Present Work Will Pay You a Very High Amount of Money but It Is Better to Have a Back-up Option and Improving Your Skills. 

You Can Do Regular Work in Day and Do Freelancing Service Business at Night.

Service Based Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment Infographics
Service Based Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment Infographics

47 Best Service Based Business Idea in USA (Lucrative Service Based Business Ideas with Low investment For Men)

There Are Many Service Based Business You Can Start in USA 2023,


Below We Have Discussed All the Best, Demanding and High Profitable Service Based Business Which You Can Start and Earn a Good Amount of Money and Make Yourself Financial Freedom in the Early Ages.

Construction Services Based Business

Construction Services

Growing Population Increases the Demand for Construction Service and It Is a Great Service Based Business You Can Start With Few People and With a Small Investment. 

Rather Than Finding Big Towers You Can Focus on Small Houses and Ask for Construction Work.

Provide Different Variety Like Plastering, Painting, Reconstruct to the Customer at an Affordable Price to Grab the Initial Customers. 

The Earning Potential Is Also Very High You Can Charge Hourly Basis or Take the Whole Project.

Waste Management Services

You Can Understand It by Reading the Name. It Is a Service Where You Manage and Dispose of Wastes. It Can Be Destroying, Processing, Filtering, Recycling, Reusing, or Controlling Waste. 

The Main Focus Is to Reduce the Number of Unusable Materials to Clean the Environment. 

By Recycling or Processing It, You Can Again Sell the Products This Is the Main Motto of the Business. You Can Charge the Client for the Services That Then What They Have to Spend to Deliver the Service.

Cybersecurity Business Ideas

Security Services

Security Is a Big Concern People Are Mostly Focused on in 2023. Because of the Internet, the Online Problems Are Getting Very High So They Spend a Very High Amount to Be Protected on Online or Both Offline Businesses

You Can Start Your Own Security Business and Provide Antivirus, Security Cameras, and Online Security Protection to Business Websites.

The Potential Is Very High and You Just Need to Find Out Which One You Have to Do and the Revenue Sources Is Very High in All the Security Field Weather It Is a Cybersecurity Service or Offline Security Protection.

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Software as Services

Software as a Service Is an Advance and Modern Service-based Business, Where People Pay Monthly or Annually for a Particular Service or Product.

A Great Example Is Netflix  (Where You Watch and Pay Monthly or Annually)

You Can Create Your Own Service or Business and Provide People Online Where You Can Earn a Recurring Income and Make a Lot of Money With a Low Number of Customers. People Can Use Your Products or Software and You Regularly.

Personal Services Business ideas

Personal Services

It Is a Service Provided by a Personal Service Corporation to a Personal or a Group of People, That Includes Different Types of Work.

You Can Provide to the Customers Like Catering, Cleaning, Accounting, Management, Consulting, and Many Others. Mostly High-Paying Clients Are Looking for Personal Service. 

You Have to Decide What Is the Most Popular Thing in You Are and Start a Personal Service Business According to It to Make the Maximum Outcome From It.

Consulting Services Based Small Business ideas

Consulting Services

If You Are a Professional in Any Service or Business Then You Can Start a Consulting Business Regarding to It. You Can Help People Regarding a Certain Business or Topic by Providing Them Consulting Services. 

Here You Can Charge a Good Amount of Money on an Hourly Basis or Per Session.

You Need to Provide Good Quality Information or to Make a Customer Into a Loyal Followers to Make a Constant Business From This. 

People With Consultation Can Easily Earn $1000 to $10000 Per Month. It Reports That in the US the Highest Paid Consultancy Is Us$1,04,000/yr.

Travel Services

Traveling Services Are Very Good Service Based Business Where You Can Earn Very High With a Little Investment Like a Tour Guide, Travel Ticket Booking, Flight & Hotel Bookings and Other. 

There Are Multiple Businesses Is According It and Need Different Investments, but Most of Them Are Very High Profitable You Can Both Earn From Tourists and Also From Hotels & Restaurants. Touring Guide Is Another Best Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment.

Catering Services

Another Great Service-based Business, Mostly Demanded on Parties, Hotels & Events. It Needs a Team to Start This Business. 

You Can Directly Pitch to the Customers for This Service Where You Can Handle Everything in the Catering Service or Join a Catering Service in the Local Area and Work With Them With Zero Investment.

Distribution and Supply Chain Services

It Is a Business Where You Have to Manage the Supply Chain for a Firm, From Vendors and Suppliers to the Manufacturer to Point of Sale, Including Packaging, Inventory, Warehousing, and Logistics. 

It Helps Keep Things Organized and Keeps Customers Satisfied. As Per the Work, the Earning Potential Is Very High as You Can Handle a Lot of Os Things as an Agency.

Personal Training Services

Training Services

If You Have Knowledge on Any Particular Skills Then You Can Start a Training Business and Train People Regarding Particular Skills. 

You Can Work Work as a Personal Trainer or Group Trainer a Yoga Trainer Is a Perfect Example of That. 

But There Are Many Training Services You Can Provide People Both Online and Offline and Also Sell Products Related to It. 

It Is Another High Paying Service-based Business and You Can Make Up to $8000 Per Month.

Financial Services

It Is a Very Vast Service-Based Business and Many Work Comes Under It, So You Have to Choose What Is You Have to Do or You Like. Most of the High Demanding Services Are 

  • Professional Advisory
  • Wealth Management
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance
  • Stock Market
  • Treasury/debt Instruments
  • Tax/Audit Consulting
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Portfolio Management

These Are the High Paying Financial Service Businesses, but They Need Professional Skills and Ideas to Start and Find With the Few Clients You Can Earn a Handsome Amount of Money.

Digital Marketing Business Ideas in USA

Marketing Services (Online Marketing)

In 2023 Marketing Mostly Refers to Digital Marketing Services, Like Social Media Ads, Tv Ads, Media & Textual Ads and Other. 

It Is One of the Most Demanding Service-based Online Businesses, Where You Have to Run Ads for Different Companies & Startups to Promote Their Business. 

The Demand Is Growing Very Fast Because Most People Shift Offline to Online to Purchase Things. 

You Can Also Open an Agency According to It and Make Huge Income From This Digital Marketing Service in the USA

Designing/ Online Freelance Designer

It Is Another Great Business When It Comes to Service-based Business. It Is Another High Demanding Online Business, Because Many Media Houses, Blog Owners, and Developers Looking for Graphics Designer, Image Editors, Logo Designer, and Other Work.

It Highly Takes 6 Months to Start an Immersive & Future Proof Career. 

You Can Also Work as a Freelancer and Work on a Service Basis or Directly Pitch to Different Companies, Startups, and Blog Owners for This Service.

Courier Service Business

There Are Many Large Businesses and Startups Growing Regularly Around the Globe and USA Is Leading Among Them. From Food to Groceries Everything Is Now on Door Step Delivery. 

To Make This Thing Possible Companies Hire Delivery Boy to Do This Job.

It Doesn’t Need High Skills to Start This Delivery Service. You Can Just Approach the Different Nearest Courier Services to Deliver in Certain Areas. Along With Salary, You Can Both Earn Incentives

Call Center Business

From Shopping to Banking Everything Is Getting Online Today, and Sometimes People Fall Into Problems or Issues With the Products and Services. 

To Solve Their Issues Companies Hire People to Solve Issues of the People Which Is Called Call Centre Service.

You Can Join as a Call Centre Guy and Help People Regarding to Certain Products or Issues. As a Call Centre Guy You Can Earn a Decent Income From It. A Part-time Business Should Make Extra Income

Lawn Care Services

It Is a Very Big Service Business and Depends Upon You That How Much Service You Want to Provide Because Lawn Caring Refers to Maintaining the Color, Health, and Vitality of Existing Lawns Through the Years.

Some of the Services Which Come Under It Are Fertilization, Soil Testing, Seeding, Watering, Deep Root Feeding, Pest Control, and Others. 

You Can Also Start a Local Business  Where You Ask for Lawn Cleaning, Mowing, Planting, Spring Clean Up and Others and Work as Part Time Business to Make Some Extra Income or Full-time Career Options

Carpet Cleaning Services

Cleaning Business Is the Most Traditional Service Based Business the Business Opportunities Is Still Very High in 2023 Because People Never Stop Using Cloths. 

Carpet Cleaning Business Is a Great Small Business Where You Can Deal With the Local Restaurants, Hotels, and Offices to Clean Their Carpet and Charge Hourly Basis.

You Can Do It as a Part-time Business or Full-time Business and Create a Cleaning Agency Regarding It.

Become a Plumber

Not a Johnny Plumber😅, but a Real Plumber Who Helps People Regarding Repairing Water, Gas, and Other Piping Systems in Homes, Businesses, and Factories. 

If You Don’t Have an Idea Then You Can Join as an Assistant to a Plumber and Learn From Them. 

It Is Best for Local Service Based Business to Start and Make Money by Helping People to Repair Their Piping Systems. You Can Earn a Good Amount From Both Repairing and New Installments.

House Painting Business

House Painting a Great Service Small Business to Start as a Local Business in USA 2023. Rather Than Targeting High Towers, You Can Deal With Small House Owners and Start a Painting Business in Your Local Area. 

You Can Start It as a Part-time Business or Full-time Business to Make a Great Income but Both Are the Best Ideas to Start This Painting Service-Based Business and Charge Hourly or Take a Full Project.

Pressure Washing Business

It Is a Low Cost Serviced Based Business, but the Earning Potential Is Completely Different, People With This Small Business Earn $1000 Per Day, So It Needs Good Business Strategies to Make This Service Based Business Successful. 

It Is a Business Where You Provide Service to Clean or Removing Dirt and Grime From the House or Building. 

It Helps to Clean the Exterior Part of a Building and Increase the Age of a House, So People Prefer Pressure Washing to Their Home or Building

Mobile Mechanic

It Is No Need to Mention That How Much People Use Smartphones in Today’s Modern World. The Global Smartphone Market Is Very Big and There Are Millions of Smartphone Sold Every Quarter of the Year. 

Here You Can Assume the Different Business Ideas Related to It Because It Is a Technical Products and Gets Damaged Any Time or Find Out Multiple Issues With the Span of Time

There Are Certain Reasons People Prefer to Go a Local Repairing Shop as Compared to Official Smartphone Care, and the Main Reason Is Time and Money. 

So You Can Start a Local Smartphone Repairing Shop and Provide Smartphone Repairing Services to People.

Mobile Car Wash Business Ideas in USA

Moving Car Wash Service

Growing Population Increase the Demand for Bikes & Cars. People Like to Travel in Their Personal Vehicle Rather Than Local Transport. Most People Do Not Have Enough Time to Take Care of Their Cars and Bikes So They Prefer to Pay for This Work. 

You Can Start This Local Service Based Business in Your Area and Directly Pitch the Customers or the Car Owners for This Car Washing Service. 

To Attract Customers, You Can Provide Home Service and Ask Loew Price at the Starting Time to Grab Customers.

Tour & Travel Guide

The Communication and Travel System in 2023 Is So Good That Everyone Can Visit Anywhere in the World, So It Enhance the Tourism, and There Are Many Touring Based Service Business Is Getting Very High and Tour Guide Is One of Them. 

Find Out the Best Local Touring Place in Your Area and Help People to Learn and Understand the Culture.

Here You Can Directly Charge People for This Service and Use Affiliate to Earn From Hotels and Restaurants to Earn Because of Sending Tourists to Them.


Everyone Loves to See Beautiful Flowers, Trees, and Gardens in Front of Their House, but No One Has the Time to Develop a Harder or to Take Properly Care of It. 

Take This as a Business Opportunity and Directly Approach to the House Owner in Your Local Area to Take Proper Care of the Garden.

If You Are a Student or House Then It Is the Best Party Time Business You Cab Start to Make Some Extra Money.

Computer Repair

Currently, the Whole World Is Running on the Internet, People and Businesses Do Most of Their Work on the Internet and to Run the Internet successfully It Need Computer and Smartphones. 

Here You Can Assume the Potential of Starting a Computer Repairing Service Based Business in 2023.

It Takes Highly 6months to Learn Complete Computer Hardware to Start an Immersive Career in This Field. 

You Can Both Open a Repairing Shop of Partner With Multiple It Companies, Banks, or Offices to Deal With Their Computer as Well as You Can Sell New Computers and Spare Parts to Grow the Business.

Landscape Photographer

Are You a Photogenic, if Yes

Then It Is the Best Time to Take Your Passion Into a Great Profession or Business. The Internet Market Is Growing Very Fast and It Is Completely Based on Text, Video, and Images. Images Play a Very Big Role to on the Internet.

There Are Many Media Houses, Blog Owner, Image Websites Looking for Freelance Photographers. You Can Directly Pitch Them to Sell Photos Otherwise You Can Directly Sell Images on Most Popular Image Websites Like-

  1. Deposit Photos
  2. 123rf
  3. Stockphotosecrets
  4. Canva Pro
  5. Stock Unlimited
  6. Dreamstime
  7. Shutterstock

Dog Groomer and Caretaker

The majority of people in the United States Own a Pet and Most of Them Are Dogs, So Here You Can Find Our Different Serviced Based Businesses Related to It Like Dog Waling, Growing, Caretaking, and Others.

To Make Your Small Business Into a Successful Business You Can Provide Door Step Services, Cheap Price and High-quality Service to Attract Customers and Beat the Competition. Local Place Is the Best Option to Start This Business and Make It Successful.

Secondhand Store/ Sell Old Products

Everyone Does Not Have Enough Money to Purchase New Things Like Smartphones, Electronic Gadgets, Bikes, Cars, Households and Others, So There Is a Great Market to Target and Make a Good Income Source by Selling Old Products to the Middle-class People or Students. 

You Can Purchase Certified Old Products and Open a Local Shop or Create an Online Store to Sell Products. Most People Also Love to Buy Value for Money Products at a Cheap Price.

Petting Farm

It Is a Serviced Based Business Where You Provide Space, Where Customers Can Pet Small Animals. It Mostly Includes Goats, Llamas, Sheep, and Others It Is a Local Business That Is Mostly Favored by Children. 

There Are Mostly Two Ways to Make Money From This Business One Is Charging a Fee at the Starting Time and the Other One Is Rent Out the Animals for a Special Occasion or Parties.

Online Course Creator

After the Global Pandemic, the Rituals of Learn From Home Is Growing Like Crazy. People Love to Learn From Home and Understand the Value of Skills Over Any Degree. 

The Demand for Many Latest Skills Like Coding, Graphics Designing, Video Editing, Blog Writing, and Others Is in High Demand.

If You Have Any Skills Regarding to These, Then You Can Create a Video Course and Sell It Directly to Your Followers or Use Paid Marketing to Increase Sales.

Jewelry Designer

Designing Is a Great & High Profitable Service Based Business No Matter Hen It Comes to Graphics Designing, Logo Designing or Jewelry Designing.  Modern Society Looks for Modern & Latest Designs.

You Can Join a Course at the Undergraduate (UG) or postgraduate (PG) Level and Start Your Carrier in Jewelry Designing Both Offline & Online. 

It Is a High Profitable Business and Most of the Customers Are belong to a Rich Background. Here You Can Make Money Money With Few Customers.

Logo Design

In 2023, There Are Many People Who Want to Start Their Own Businesses or Startups and the Numbers Are Increasing, So the Demand of Different Logo Designer & Graphics Designer Is Getting Very High.

If You Don’t Have Any Skills Regarding It Then You Can Join an Online Course and Make Your Self Ready Within 3 Months

It Is the Most Demanded Service, People Looking for on the Internet and Ready to Pay a High Amount for This.

Personal Trainer

It Is Another Great Skill Which Is High Demanding in Most of the Developed Countries Like the US, UK, Australia, and Also Other Countries People as Love to Higher Personal trainers for Different Work.

There Are Different Types of Personal Trainers but Most Popular Are Physique Trainers & Private Tutor as a Trainer

It Is the Best Offline Service Based Business if You Have Any Skills in It Then You Can Search in Your Local Area to Hired as a Personal Trainer or Start Part-time to Teach People Online and Sell Health-related Products.

Freelance Writer

Do You Know People Charge 100$ Per 1000 Words Business Article. If You Love to Write Then You Can Start This Service-Based Online Business From Home in 2023 and Earn a Handsome Amount of Money From Home.

There Are Many Bloggers, Content Creators, Marketers, Media Houses Looking for Freelance Writer and They Are Ready to Pay a High Amount of Money for This Work. 

Join Different Freelancing Platforms Like Fiverr, Peopleperhour, Writer, and Others to Get Your First Client.

Start Youtube as a Online Business in USA

Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube Is Getting More Popular Because of the Fast and Low-cost Internet. It Is a Great Online Career to Start Your Carrier Online From Home. 

If You Have Any Skills Then You Can Create Video Tutorials and Upload It on Youtube.

In 2023, It Is Very Popular and There Are Millions of Users Out There, So You Can Start a Youtube Channel as a Part-time or Full-time Business, It Does Not Need Any Huge Investment You Can Do It With Your Smartphone.

When It Comes to Earning, Their Multiple Methods to Make Money From Youtube in 2023 Like Partner Program, Sponsorships, Paid Promotion and Selling Personal Products & Many More.


Starting Of Any Business is Always very Hard, So you have to keep patient and Keep Working and Learning. 

It will take you to Success. Choose any of the Best Service businesses and Start Working on them and Put out the best Result. 

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