14+ Best Ideas to Start Money Making Youtube Channel in 2023 [Best Ideas]

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How do I get money from YouTube? If you feel that you are not suitable for an office job, there are many other job options for you, one of which is working as a YouTube content creator. Yes, you can make money from YouTube!

This article will discuss the potential of YouTube as a platform for making money, how to create a YouTube channel, and how to make money from YouTube. Check out the full review below.

8 Reasons to Make Money from YouTube
Make Money from YouTube

5 Reasons to Make Money from YouTube

Of course, I can! The content creator above is proof that YouTube has a high potential to reap dollars. How did it happen? Here are a few reasons:

1. Indian Online Video Consumption is High

Based on a survey by the Indian Internet Service Providers Association, 69.64 percent of Indians use the internet to watch videos. This means that your chances of reaching your audience through videos are quite high and you can do it using YouTube.

2. YouTube: The Main Video Platform

YouTube has mastered the market share of video platforms in India. As many as 92 percent of Indian internet users state that YouTube is the first platform they use when searching for online video content.

3. YouTube will compete with television

The number of viewers on YouTube India is predicted to rival the number of television viewers in the near future. According to the Kantar survey in 2018, 57 percent of respondents said they watched television every day, while 53 percent of respondents said they watched YouTube every day.

The percentage above shows that watching YouTube has become a habit for India and can shift the popularity of television. This is likely due to the large selection of content types on YouTube and the freedom of viewing time.

Apart from that, YouTube also allows its users to watch television shows on its platform. Almost all Indian television channels have an official channel on YouTube so that viewers can watch programs that are missed on television.

4. You don’t have to have millions of subscribers

That’s right, you are not required to have millions of subscribers to make money from YouTube. In India, there have been many content creators on YouTube with millions of subscribers. Many brands work with them because they are considered to be able to reach a wide audience.

Do you also have to have millions of subscribers to get money from YouTube? Ideally, a lot of subscribers really help you to compete in this area.

Even so, that doesn’t mean you can’t make money with a low number of subscribers. You can still become a YouTube partner if you meet the criteria you set.

Besides that, you also still have the opportunity to work with brands. The brand does not only work with macro-influencers such as Raditya Dika and Rachel Goddard. Companies also need micro-influencers whose reach is smaller than macro-influencers.

5. Anyone Can Make Money from YouTube

In order to appear on a television show, you need to go through an audition and casting process. With YouTube, you can create your own show without having to audition.

Indeed you have to do everything independently, from shooting to editing. However, you do have the freedom to create content.

8 Reasons to Make Money from YouTube

6. Create a YouTube Channel

The first step to getting money from YouTube is to first create an account on YouTube if you don’t have one. Try signing in to YouTube (you can use a Google account to log in and register, instead of filling in all the form data again from scratch).

Then create your channel. Think about what names are appealing to your YouTube channel and how your channel is conceptualized, how the theme or character of your channel compares to similar channels or channels.

7. Connect YouTube Channel to AdSense

After enabling monetization on your YouTube channel, you will need to do your associate and approved AdSense account to your YouTube account. Later there will be a YouTube analytic feature that you can use to track your income, which will pay off only if you complete or follow the existing YouTube payment threshold.

8. Optimizing Monetization Functions

To get money from youtube by optimizing your YouTube channel, you need to meet the following criteria or follow:

  • Videos must be user-friendly
  • The content must be your original work so that it can be promoted
  • Copyrighted videos that you plagiarize from the internet will not produce anything so it’s better to undo your intention to plagiarize
  • Once your video has the monetization function enabled, some ads will appear on your next video

9. Make a Conversion Rate to a Product Page

If you are responsible for a particular company or business, you can turn your YouTube channel into an opportunity to increase your conversion rate.

Create content that shows how good and attractive the product you want to highlight through soft promotion. Then create a link on your product page in the YouTube video description column. For example, music videos usually shoot a lot of certain products used by the main star or singer.

10. Selling Videos on Video Sales Websites

Getting money from YouTube can also be done by selling your videos on commercial websites that provide a means for you video-makers to sell your work. So on YouTube, you can upload a teaser and direct your viewers to pay if you want to watch the full version.

11. Drive Traffic to Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is definitely a very popular opportunity to make money online. The problem is that so many of these affiliate marketers do not reveal how detailed the effort it takes to generate a sizable income.

As the visual niche has grown, where people are lazy to read long texts, you can also grow your business even more.

12. Attract Sponsorship

If you observe well-known YouTubers who are successful on the internet, you will know that almost all of their YouTube video content has elements of sponsorship and advertisement. They use these two aspects to make money from YouTube.

13. Live Speaking

Later, if you already have a sufficient fanbase or fans, you can hold meetings and greetings. You may just make a regular schedule so that your community can grow.

This activity is carried out in order to increase your engagement with your loyal subscribers or viewers. Later, you can also sell products or promote other content during the event and also take advantage of this opportunity to get to know your niche market.

14. Thinking Out of the Box

You need to think outside the box if you want to produce a compelling video to watch from start to finish, then re-share by people until it finally becomes viral content. In the following, we will provide examples of the types of videos that are most watched by people and can make more money from YouTube.

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