[NEW] 33+ Most Profitable Small Business Ideas in Indonesia

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With a GDP of $1.38 Trillion, Indonesia is a Southeast Asian Country and Provide Many Successful Small Business Ideas in Indonesia in 2023.

It is a Developing Country That Provides All the Support and Low Taxt Rates to Grow Any Low Cost Small Business.

The Indonesia Economy is Majorly Based on Agriculture, Mining, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Retail Trade, and Others, So Starting Any Business Along With the Modern Online Business Will Help You to Grow your Business Rapidly.

Despite of a Developing Country, There Are Many Businesses that Are Not Saturated Yet, So It Provides Great Opportunists for Young Entrepreneurs to Start Them.Small Business Ideas in Indonesia

Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Indonesia 2023

Here in This Post, We Have Listed All the Best Small Business Ideas, Low Cost Online Businesses, and Startup Ideas That You Can Start in 2023 in Indonesia, and With the Help of Digital Marketing, You Can Sell Your Products or Services All Over the World.

Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and ResortsStarting a Hotel and Resort Business Each Another Good Idea if You Have Some Investment.

Indonesia is It to Tourism Country and Many Peoples From Inside or Outside the Country, Visit Regularly. If You Have a Budget Then You Can Start a Small Hotel and Restaurant Business in Any Tourism Place in Your City.

You Can Also Open an Online Website to Get Bookings of Your Hotels.

  • Investment- $5000+ At a Time
  • Revenue Potential- $3K+ Approx Monthly
  • Location- Offline
  • Skills Required:- Hospitality & Management Skills

Tourism Business in Indonesia

With the Great Architectural Beauty of Indonesia, Attract Insider and Outsider People to Visit and Explore the Place.

Indonesia’s Visit is Extremely Inexpensive and Some Of The Beautiful Places are Bali, Ubud, Jakarta, Lombok, Komodo and Gili Islands.

With a Minimum Investment, You Can Start It Travel Business and Help People in Booking Hotels, Restaurants, and Flights and Provide Local Travel Guide is Well.

It is Another Lucrative Business That You Can Start Both Online and Offline and Attract Tourists and Other People to Reach There Destination. In This Business, You Can Earn Directly From the Tourist and Also Get Commissions by Dealing With the Hotels.

  • Investment- $1.5K+ At a Time
  • Revenue Potential- $500+ Approx Monthly
  • Location- Offline
  • Skills Required:- Hospitality & Management Skills

Start a Blog

It is one of the Best Work from Home Online Businesses Which Has Multiple Earning Sources Like Affiliate Marketing, Online Product Selling, Earn From Ads, Sell Personal Products and Services, and Guest Posts.

From Here You Can Assume the Potential of Earning in Blogging and It Requires Only Less Than $100 to Start and Launch Your Blog in 2023. Of Course, at the Starting of Your Blogging Journey.

It Requires Learning and Hard Work but Eventually, All Your Hard Work Will Be Benefited at the End.

To Start Blogging You Need to Learn Article Writing, Basic SEO, and Content Optimization for the Better Growth of Your Blog and to Drive More People.

  • Investment- $100 Total Approx
  • Revenue Potential- $500- No Limit 
  • Location- Online
  • Skills Required:-Writing, SEO

Most Successful Small Business Ideas in Indonesia

Start a Service Based Business (Handyman, Repairing, And other Services)

Services Based BusinessFrom Online to Offline the Service Based Business Are the Zero Investment Business That Depends Upon Your Skills and There is No Limit to Earning Money From It.

Some of the Offline Service Based Business Are Catering, Cleaning, Repairing, Handy Man, and Other Services That You Can Start Without Any Investment and Make Money From It, or You Can Go With Online Service Businesses Like Digital Services.

Both of the Businesses Are Highly Profitable but I Strongly Recommend You to Go With Online Businesses, You Can Learn Different Types of Service Based Online Skills From Youtube for Completely Free and Start Your Career in 2023.

Every Business is Profitable and You Just Need to Invest Your Time to Learn the New Skills

Rice Production

If You have Skills of Agriculture Then You Can Start a Farming Business as It is One of the most Highly Consumed Food Products in Indonesia.

The Government Also Provided Different Types of Agriculture Support and the Bank
Loans to Start This Farming and With the Proper Skills and Use of Modern Technology You Can Get More Crops From It.

You Can Also Export the Crop After Harvesting It and There is Always an in Demand for This Crop as It is the Primary Food in Many States.

Fishery Business in Indonesia

Starting of Any Aquatic or Fishery Business That You Can Start With a Descent Investment, That Demand of Different Type of Fishes & Prawns in the Global Market So It Has a Great Potential and Demand.

To Start This Business Unit to Understand the Market, Budget, and Plan.

It Requires Human Resources and Testing and Checking of the Water and Fish for the Better Growth of the Fish and Prevents From Different Types of Diseases.

You Can Also Mix Farming and Aquatic Business at a Time and Make It More Profitable.

Low Cost Small Business Ideas in Indonesia

Computer and Mobile Repairing

It is one of the Best Future Proof Service Based Business That You Can Start With a Low Budget.

The Rapid Growth of Mobile and Computer Technology Increases the Small Businesses Related to It, So It is a Very Low Investment You Can Start a Computer Servicing and Smartphone Repairing Business in Your Local Area.

With 6 Months of Course You Can Learn Smartphone Repairing and Start Your Business Without a Huge Investment It is Another Future Proof Business That is Growing Rapidly and Open Multiple Opportunities to Start a Business.

Spa & Salon

Beauty Products & Cosmetic ShopAll the Business Related to Human Are Very Profitable and Beauty Parlour and Spa Salon is One of Them.

It is the Best Business That You Can Start With a Low Budget and Which a Proper Connection and Communication You Can Drive Multiple Customers for Your Business.

There Are Many Female Who Looking for Different Types of Facial, Massages, Pedicure, and Manicure and You Can Start a Small Parlour in Your Area or a Market Area.

Oil Production & Processing

Cooking Oil Production is Another Local Business Start With Low Budget.

From Sunflowers to Palm Tree, It Needs a Whole Process to Extract Oil From It. So With Proper Skills and Training, You Can Process Cooking Oil and Pack It to Sell.

Setting Up a Cooking Oil Processing Machinery Near the Farm Also Reduce the Transportation Cost by Helping the Farmers.

Wedding Event Planner

Event PlanningFrom Destination Weddings to Traditional Weddings, It Needs Wedding Planner to Make Everything Perfect and Fine.

There Are Many People, Who Invest Great Amount of Money in Wedding, if You Have Any Idea of How to Organise a Wedding and Make Everything Perfect From Dining to Catering, Then Start This Lucrative Small Business and Help People to Get Married in Their Budget.

From Human Resources to Event Organizing It Needs a Proper Planning and You Can Make This Perfect With Some Basic Ideas and Investment.

Handicraft Selling Store

Starting of a Small Handicraft Selling Business Business Idea That You Can Start.

There is a Great Demand for Handicrafts and Indonesia is Full of Skilled Craftsman.

So Starting a Small Business Related to It and Selling Different Types of Handicrafts Like Pottery, Leather, Bamboo Handicrafts, and Other Are Very Profitable.

Street Food Business

Starting of Small Street Food Business is Yet Another Profitable Local Business. Some of The Best Foods are Sate Ayam, Sate Padang, Sate Ayam, Kerak Telor, Bakso and Others.

It is a Small Business, Where You Process All the Food Items From Home and Sell It on the Street Side.

To Start It, You Don’t Need Any Documents or Land You Can Easily Start Selling Different Demanding and Regional Street Foods Like Cake, Fast Food, Drinks, and Others.

Open a Small Restaurant

If You Have a Low Budget Then You Can Start a Small and Evergreen Foods and Restaurant Business.

It is One of the Most Profitable Local Business That You Can Start on the Road Side, in School & College Areas, Office Places, and Markets Place to Attract More Customers.

Serve Different Types of Dishes Like Italian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Others.

It is a Customer and Service Based Business That Need Cleanness and Proper Hospitality to Attract More Customers.

Personal Finance Service

If You Have the Proper Knowledge of Personal Finance and Investing Then You Can Start a Small Business Related to It.

There Are Many People Who Looking for Personal Advice to Invest Their Money and You Can Help Them by Providing This Professional Service.

It is a Great Demanded Business That You Can Start, You Can Also Provide Online Consultancy Services and Blog to Make Extra Money From It.

Furniture Factory

With a Good Investment, You Can Start a Local and Profitable Business Which is Furniture Business.

Furniture Are Used in Our Daily lives and Many People Looking for Multiple Pieces of Furniture From Tables to Desks, You Can Start a Small Furniture Shop in a Marketplace and Start Selling It.

Coffee Shop in Indonesia

Starting of a Small Cafe Restaurant is Another Profitable Small Business That You Can Start With a Low Budget.

There Are Many Startups Are Coming Related to Coffee and Tea and They Take Business as a Startup and Take It to Global Level by Selling Franchises.

So You Can Start a Small Cafe Shop and Sell Drinks and Bakery Products as Well.

Teaching Online

If You Love to Teach Students Then You Can Start Both Online and Offline Teaching.

There is a Great Demand for It, and You Can Start to Eat Both Full Time or Part Time Career Option, You Can Also Sell Pre Recorded Courses to People With the Help of Marketing.

There is a Great Demand for Different Types of Skills From Computing to Coding and With Your Proper Knowledge, You Can Make Money From It.

Top 10 Best Work From Home Business Ideas to Start Indonesia

There is also Many Business Opportunities, Which can be Started From Home, From Women to Students, Any One Can Start It.

Some of The Best Work From Home Part time Businesses in Indonesia Are:-

  • Yoga Class
  • Freelance designer
  • Transcriptionist
  • Cyber security consultant
  • Tailoring
  • Proof Reading
  • Online tutor
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Social media manager
  • Cloud Kitchen

Top 10+ Manufacturing Business in Indonesia

  • Ice Cream Making
  • Hair and Beauty Products
  • Bakery
  • Palm Oil Processing
  • Potato Powder Making
  • Car Modification
  • Homemade Chocolate/Cookies
  • Candle Making
  • Wood Products
  • Garments
  • Leather Bags

What are The Top Cities to Start Business in Indonesia ?

From the Top 20, We Have Listed the Top 8 Major Business Cities in Indonesia, Where You Can Start Any Small Business to Startup Ideas, With the Help of People, Govt Support, and Fundings From the Small Finance Banks.

Jakarta is the Capital and Largest Business City of the Country Whereas Others Are:-

  • Jakarta
  • Surabaya
  • Bekasi
  • Depok
  • Tangerang
  • Palembang

Wrap Up

Indonesia is a Great Country to Start Any Business and Most of the Business Are Not Saturated Yet Like Online Food Delivery Services, hotels & Books, Edtech Businesses, and Others, Which You Can Start as a Young Entrepreneur.

Here in This Post, We Have Listed All the Small Businesses, Large Businesses, and Mid Scale Businesses, Which You Can Start in 2023, and Do not Forget the Most Profitable & Low-Cost Online Businesses, Which Has Many Opportunities and Provide Multiple Earning Potential.