51+ Highly Profitable Small Business Ideas in Thailand 2023

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If You Are Looking for All the High Profitable Small Business Ideas in Thailand 2023,

Then You Are at the Right Place, in This Post We Are Listed All the Tested and Selected Profitable Small Business Opportunities That You Can Start as a Local or Foreigner in 2023.

Thailand is in South East Asian Country With a GDP of US$1.480 Trillion.

It is the 2nd Largest Economy in Southeast Asia With Major Dependence on Tourism, and a Huge Amount of Foreigners Contribute to Its GDP Through Thailand Tourism.

Apart From Tourism, the Economy is Also Different in Manufacturing, Processing, Agriculture and Natural Resources, and Import and Export Businesses.

Small Business Ideas in Thailand

The Currency is Baht (฿) the Official Language is Thai, but Most People Want Knowledge in English as the Majority of the Tourism Sector.

High Profitable Small Business Ideas in Thailand 2023

Here in This Post, We Have Selected All the Best Small Business Ideas, Low-cost Start-up Businesses, and Other Profitable Businesses Related to the Aviation Industry.

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Thailand Tourism Agency

Thailand Tourism Agency

There Are Many People Who Want to Explore Thailand as There Are Many Beautiful Places Like Bangkok, The Grand Palace, Chiang Mai, and Phuket to Visit. Along With The Most Special Thai Massage & Spa.

With a Low Investment, You Can Start a Small Tour and Travel Business and Help People to Reach There Destination.

You Can Help Them in Booking Hotels, Restaurants, and Train or Flight Tickets, and Reach Their Destination Under a Good Budget.

Along With You Can Provide a Tourist Guide and Rental Services to Make Money From It, Also Starting a Website of Your Business Will Help Tourists to Register and Get Help Online. It Will Increase Your Brand Awareness and Helps to Get More Clients.

  • Investment- $1K-2.5K Total Approx
  • Revenue Potential- $500- $700 Approx
  • Location- Offline, Tourist Place
  • Skills Required:- Management

Tourists Guide

There Are Many People Who Visit Thailand on a Regular Basis and You Can Start a Travel Guide Witness if You Have Good Communication Skills.

There Are Many Places to Visit in Thailand From Temples to Heritage and You Can Help That to Restore to Explore Different Places and Different Foods of Thailand.

In This Business Require Zero Investment and You Can Earn Money by Charging Them in Sessions, You Can Also Help Them to Book Tickets, Hotels, and Restaurants, and Earn Commission From It.

Small Thai Restaurant


If You Have a Low Budget Then You Can Start a Small and Evergreen Foods and Restaurant Business.

It is One of the Most Profitable Local Business That You Can Start on the Road Side, in School & College Areas, Office Places, and Markets Place to Attract More Customers.

Serve Different Types of Dishes Like Italian, Thai-Food, Chinese, and Others.

It is a Customer and Service Based Business That Need Cleanness and Proper Hospitality to Attract More Customers.

  • Investment- $2K-3K Approx for Setup
  • Revenue Potential- $300- $450 Approx
  • Location- Tourist Place, City Area
  • Skills Required:- Cooking, Management

Party & Night Club

With the Proper Documentation and Investment, You Can Start a Party and Night Club in Thailand to Fulfill the Demand.

There Are Many People Who Want to Chill Sometime After That Daily Work, and You Can Start a Small Night Club, in the Saturday and Sunday There is a Huge Crowd of This Business and Increase the Potential of Earning.

It is a High Demanded Business, That Attract the You Most and Earning Opportunity is Really Good.

Start Hotel Service

Start Hotel Service

Starting a Hotel and Resort Business Each Another Good Idea if You Have Some Investment.

Thailand is It to Tourism Country and Many Peoples From Inside or Outside the Country, Visit Regularly. If You Have a Budget Then You Can Start a Small Hotel and Restaurant Business in Any Tourism Place in Your City.

You Can Also Open an Online Website to Get Bookings of Your Hotels.

Make Money From Online Business

There is a High Demand for Online Businesses as Everything is Going to Be Online, From Food Delivery to Ecommerce Everything is in Your Hand.

So There Are Many Business Opportunities to Start Online, Many Profitable Online Businesses, and Some of Them Are Codings, Blogging, Marketing, Social Media Consultant, Influencer, and Many More.

These Are One of the Highly Demanded Online Businesses in 2023 and the Future of These Businesses Are Very High.

Ecommerce Website

From Small Businesses to Global Businesses, Everyone is Getting Aware of the Presence of Online Businesses or Taking It to Online.

So There is Huge Potential for Online Ecommerce Business, Where Small Businesses List Their Products and Sell Them With the Help of Digital Marketing.

With a Minimum Investment, You Can Launch Your E-commerce Platform and Sell Products Online in 2023 With the Help of Digital and Social Media Marketing.

Franchise Business


Franchise Businesses Are Growing Rapidly and if You Have Some Investment Then You Can Start a Different Type of Franchise Which a Simple Market Research.

There Are Different Types of Franchise Like Food, Hotel, Clothes and Fashion, Drinks, Medical, and Many More. Fast Understand the Market Demand Then Go With an Any Franchise as Per Your Budget.

Yoga & Fitness Trainer

In Thailand 2023 Many Peoples Are Getting Concerned About Their Health and Starting Any Business Related to Fitness is Another Most Profitable Small Business That You Can Start With Low Investment.

You Can Start a Yoga or Gym Trainer Business in Your Local or a Crowded Place in Your City to Attract More People and Get Conscious About the Health.

You Can Also Fitness Products, Gym Products, Proteins to the People, and Extra Money From It.

Thai Massage & Beauty Parlor

In Thailand, There Are Many People Who Looking for Massage & Parlor Services, So Starting a Beauty Parlour and Spa Business That You Can Start.

It is a Good Business That Require Very Less Investment to Start. There Are Many Women Who Looking for Hair Care, Pedicure, Manicures, and Other Cosmetic Works and You Can Provide Different Types of Massage & Spa Services in Your Shop.

There is a High Demand for This Business and You Can Make It Profitable by Providing Discounts at the Beginning of Your Business.

Freelance Services

Starting Carrier as a Youtuber is Another Lucrative and Online Business That You Can Start Both a Part-Time and Full-Time Career. Youtube is Currently the Best and the Biggest Video Consuming Platform or Millions of People Visit Regularly for Entertainment, Learning, Amusement, and Other Purposes.

Starting a Youtube Channel With Selected Topics Will Help You to Grow Very Fast and Make Money With Fewer Subscribers and Views and The Example is Thailand Vlogging.

You Can Use Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Product Selling, and Other Methods to Make Money From Multiple Platforms With the Help of Your Single Youtube Channel.

Street Food

Fast Food Joints

Starting of Small Street Food Business is Yet Another Profitable Local Business.

It is a Small Business, Where You Process All the Fast Food and Sell It on the Street Side.

To Start It, You Don’t Need Any Documents or Land You Can Easily Start Selling Different Demanding and Regional Street Foods Like Cake, Fast Food, Drinks, and Others.

Handyman Business

With the Skills of Different Home Care Like Repairing Plumbing Systems, Fixing Equipment and Home Appliances You Can Start a Handyman Service Based Business in 2023.

In Thailand, There is a Huge Demand for Handyman Services, and With Your Skills, You Can Complete This Job, Provide Services in Your Local Area and Help People to Fix They Are Home Equipment of All Demands.

With the Proper Service, You Can Earn On a Session Basis and Provide Discount Prices at the Starting of Your Business.

Toy Shop

With Low Budget and Investment, You Can Start a Small Toy Shop in Your Local Area.

There Are Many Parents Looking for Different Types of Small to Large Toys for Their Children and You Can Sell Them Different Toys. To Make Your Small Business Profitable. You Have to Fast Understand the Market, Demand, and the Budget.

You Can Also Sell Different Types of Cosmetic and Beauty Products and Daily Use Products for the Better Sales and Attract the Customers.

Real Estate Business

Real Estate is One of the High Profitable Businesses, That Require Good Capital to Start.

Thailand is a Highly Growing Developing Country, So Starting Any Business Related to It Holds a Great Opportunity.

So Start Investing in Real Estate Business if You Have Any Investment and Make a Business Plan Around It to Get a High Return by Doing the Market Research.

Sell Used Goods

There is a Hidden Business That is Selling of Used Products.

There Are Many People Who Cannot Afford New Products and Looking for All the Used Products Like Smartphones, Cars, and Bikes.

So if You Have a Budget Then You Can Start Selling Used Products From Vehicles to Smartphones.

Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas in Thailand (No Cost Business Ideas)

With Very Low Costs, There are Many Profitable Small Business Ideas in Thailand.

Some Of The Best Low Investment Business In Thailand Are:-

  1. Food Shop
  2. Service Based Business
  3. Car Cleaning
  4. Blogging
  5. Affiliate Marketing
  6. Landscaping Service
  7. Security Services
  8. Courier Service
  9. Career Counselling
  10. Handy Man
  11. SEO Specialist

Top 10 Service Based Business Ideas in Thailand

  1. Training Services
  2. Smart Phone Repairing Service
  3. Consulting Services
  4. Financial Services
  5. Catering Services
  6. Handyman
  7. Graphic designer
  8. Security Services
  9. Software as Services
  10. Makeup artist
  11. Personal Services
  12. Travel Services
  13. Courier Service Business
  14. Call Center Business

Top 10+ Side Hustle Business Ideas (Part time Business in Thailand)

  1. Sell Services
  2. Night Watchman
  3. Dog Walking
  4. Become a Freelancer
  5. Part time Trading
  6. Groceries Delivery
  7. Sell Images Online
  8. Earn From Survey Sites
  9. Deliver food
  10. Become a Blogger
  11. Tutor online
  12. Freelance Writing
  13. Part time Sales Man At Shop

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (Small Business Ideas in Thailand)

Q1- Is Thailand a Good Place to Start a Business?

Yes, Thailand is a Good Place to Start a Business, but Finding the Best and Easy to Start Business the Time a Taking Process.

They Are Many Profitable Businesses in Thailand and Form of Them Are Tourism, Spa and Massage, Important Export, Service Based Businesses, and Online Businesses.

Q2- What Are the Best Locations to Start a New Business in Thailand?

Bangkok, Nonthaburi, Pak Kret, and Hat Yai Are the Best Location to Start Any Type of New Businesses, and There is a Huge Amount of Tourists Who Regularly Visit the Country, So It Enhances the Startup Ideas as Well.

Things to Consider in Starting a Business in Thailand

Thailand is a Resourceful Country That Holds the Potential for Many Businesses, but You Have to Find the Best Business That Fits for You.

Starting of Any Type of Small Business, Opportunity and Require Low Investment to Start, Some Fo the Beneficial Business Tips to Succeed Your Business in Thailand Are:-

  • Choose a Small Business Idea
  • Make Skills and Get Trained
  • Check the Market Competition and Demand
  • Create a Business Plan
  • Business Registration in Thailand Board of Investment (BOI)
  • Trademark Registration
  • Create a Business Website
  • Make Funding Plans

From Small Businesss to Mid Scale Businesses, It is a Great Place to Set Up Business in the Asian Country and Take Benefits of Tax, Cheap Labor Costs, and Transportation.