How to Start Blogging as a Business (2023) 7+ Major Benefits of Blogging

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Most People Start Their Blogging as a Passion and Most Pro Bloggers and Youtubers Talk about “Follow Your Passion” in Blogging and Also in Other Niche or Business,

But in My Thought, It Is Completely Wrong (Including Proof)

When I Also Started My Blogging Journey, I Also Had Zero-Knowledge and Followed the Online Gurus to Start My Blogging Career. I Started My Blog on a Status Niche and Bought a Domain Name Related to That.

The Curiosity of Learning Helps Me to Research and Implement Over the Few Months, I Give My Best on Different SEO Practices, and at Last, This Happened.

I Drive Almost 2 Million of Traffic and 20 Million Impressions, but Do You Know the Saddest Things💔. I Earn Very Few Dollars From This Website.

So I Write this For you:-

Start Blogging as a Business- major benefits of Blogging

How to Start Blogging as Business | 7 Major Benefits of Blogging

I Don’t Think, I Am not an SEO Guru or Expert I Learn Everything for Free and Implement It Over the Years. After More Research, I Found That There Are Many Niches and Ideas Which Can Help to Make Too Much Money With Very Less Traffic.

So, My Only Recommendation Is Don’t Start Your Blog or Website by Following Your Passion, Improve Your Skills, Learn SEO, and Start Your Blog as a Business or Startup. 

This Is the Biggest Mistake Every New Blogger Makes, by Choosing the Wrong Niche (Low profitable or Competitive), Which Causes Very Less or No Earning.

So, Learn New Skills and Follow the Modern Blogging Niches to Make the Maximum From Blogging. After You Find a Profitable Niche, Then You Can Do the Research and Find Multiple Topics Regarding That Niche.

Of Course, Some Best Blogging Niches Like Law, Cybersecurity, Trading, Finance, Banking, and Other niches Are Hard to Start, but You Can First Learn and Find Out the Best and Low Competitive Topics and After That Implement Basic SEO Overtime.

It Will Be More Beneficial for You and Help You to Earn So Much From Blogging as Compared to Other Niches, Where You Can Drive Millions of Traffic But Now Money in That.

How to Start Blogging Business in 2023 [Step By Step Guide]

There Are Many Online and Offline Businesses and It Needs Too Much Investment to Start, but the Scenario Is Completely Changed in Blogging. It Needs an Investment of Less Than $100 to Start Your Blog Without Coding.

You Have to Invest in Two Things First One Is a Brandable Domain Name (.com), Like Short or Simple, and the Other Things a WordPress Hosting. It Helps You to Start a Blog Without Coding

You Just Need to Drag and Drop and a Simple Tutorial to Create a Professional Blog. Go With Bluehost WordPress Hosting, Recommended by WordPress Official and You Get Free .Com Domain for a Year.

Purchase It, With a Free Domain Name, and Then Install a Theme on It and Start Creating Awesome Content. It Doesn’t Need to Be Highly Techy or From a Programming Field to Manage. You Can Manage It by Yourself Without Any Coding.

Potential of Earning and Multiple Monetizing Methods Explain

In One Word- “Uncountable“. If You Work in the Right Direction Then You Can Make More Money Compared to Other Businesses or Jobs. But Blogging Is a Slow Process and Takes Time, but There Is Very Huge Potential in It.

It Needs a Very Less Investment as Compared to Any Other Business. You Have to Invest Less Than $100 to Start Your Blog and to Live It on the Internet.

If You Start Blogging as a Business as Described Above Then the Are Many Earning Potential and Monetizing Methods, Excluding That There Are Different Benefits of Different Niches.

At the Starting of Your Blogging Journey, You Can Use Affiliate Marketing to Make Money With Very Less Numbers Traffic.

There Are Multiple Monetizing Methods to Make Money Blogging, the First Most Popular One Is to Monetize With Ads.

Most of the Newbie Bloggers Use to Place Ads to Make Money From Their Blog. They Use Adsense, Ezoic,, Adpushup, and Mediavine to Make Money From a Blog. These Are the Most Popular Advertising Platforms on the Internet.

Apart From Ads Placing You Can Use Affiliate Marketing, Personal Products Selling, CPA Marketing, Banner Ads Selling, Paid Guest Posts, Link Exchange or Backlink Selling, and Other Methods.

A Right or Proper Niche Selection Can Help You to Make $1000+ After a Few Months of Starting and There Is No Limit to It. Just Post, Share, SEO, and Earn.

Benefits of Blogging in 2023

  1. Low Investment
  2. Start From Home
  3. High Profitable
  4. Improve Your Skills
  5. Multiple Monetization Methods
  6. Low Competitive
  7. No Huge Lose
  8. Get Exposure

Blogging Business Plan [Complete Guide 2023]

After Launching Your Blog You Can Create at Least 20-30 Quality Articles According to Your Niche and Submit Your Website on Google Search Console.

It Will Help You to Get Organic Traffic From Google and Google Is the Biggest Platform Where You Can Drive Huge Free and Targeted Traffic to Your Blog.

Of Course, Google Is the Best, but Do Not Rely on That Create Your Own Audience and Collect the Email List of New Users, and Create Different Social Media Profiles on Different Social Media Platforms Like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and Others.

This Will Make You Independent and Help You Sustain in Blogging for a Long Time. 

Do Not Promote Any Fake Product in Terms of Money or Don’t Lose the Trust of the Customers or Your Audience, Promote the Right Products, This Will Helps to Build a Good Relationship Between Your Audience and You.

Extra Tips- Find Multiple Monetizing Methods in Your Nice and Focus on Digital Affiliate or Recurring Based Products to Make the Maximum Revenue From Any Niche.{alertInfo}


A Round-up As I Told Blogging Takes Time Because of Organic Methods if You Have a Business or Investment Then You Can Also Use Online Marketing. 

Find a Low Competitive and High Profitable Blogging Niche and Then Start Working Regularly.

Regularity and Consistency and Easily Help You to Get Success in Every Field. Blogging Doesn’t Require a Huge Time Investment, You Can Give Highly 2-3 Hours Per Day to Make as a Side Business and When It Shows Results Then You Can Go Further.

The Last Advice Is to Focus on SEO (Both on Page and Off Page) and Different Ideas to Learn and Implement. I Tried My Best to Provide You with All the Latest Business Articles, So if You Are Looking for More Business Articles You Can Visit Another Post on This Site.