Top 10 Small Business Ideas in Law & For Lawyers/Attorneys in 2023

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Yes, It Is True That There Is Many Potential to Start a Small Business in Law

Some of the Business Can Also Be Started Without Any Previous Knowledge in Attorney, and Possible to Make Good Income From It. So, Start Without Any Worries.

Want to Start a Small Business in Attorney or Law Firm?

If You Are Student, Working as a Lawyer or Want to Make Income With the Help of Different Legal Businesses, Then This Is the Best Post for You. People without this Knowledge can also Start it.

Small Business Ideas in Law & For Lawyers & Attorney
Small Business Ideas in Law & For Lawyers & Attorney

12+ Small Business Ideas in Law & For Lawyers/Attorney in USA 2023

Here in This Post, You Can Find the Top 13 Best Small Business Ideas in Law, for Lawyers and Law Students. We Also Add Some Small Business Ideas in Law to Start From Home Without Any Previous Knowledge.

The Income Potential in Any Law Business Is Very High and We Will Discuss It in Detailed and Also Discuss How to Make the Maximum Profit in the Law Business in the USA

Read the Complete Post and Find the Best Small Business Ideas for yourself.

Small Business Opportunities in Law & For Lawyers/Attorney in USA 2023

There Are Many Small Business or Side Business You Can Start in Attorney, and if You Work Consistently and Regularly Then Some Small Business Like Blogging, Video Creator and Ebook Seller Can Cross the Revenue of Your Main Stream Business.

1. Consulting Service

Many People Face Different Legal Issues in Life When It Comes to Property, Wedding, Accidental, and Then They Looking for Legal Advice Because They Do Not Have a Proper Idea, What to Do the Next or How to Escape From the Situation.

Start Helping People as a Counselor and Provide Them Legal Advice.

It Is the Best Business, Where the Demand for Legal Consulting Is High. You Can Start It as a Side Business or Part-time Business, Where You Can Provide Law-related Consultancy Services and Earn on Consultancy Basis.

Many People Also Hire You as a Legal Rewriter Such as to Rewrite Standard Contract, To Ensure to Comply With Law, You Do This as a Part-time Work.

2. Blogging

Internet Is Growing Very Fast and There Are Millions of Queries Searched on Legal Information, So You Can Start a Blog Website and Provide Legal Information Related to Different Law Firms. 

It Needs Consistency to Grow a Blog, but It Is the Best Online Law Business Idea, Which Can Cross Your Main Stream Income in the Long Run.

There Is Very Huge Potential in Blogging and When It Comes to Law/ Attorney It Becomes More Profitable Because There Is Very High Ad Revenue in the Legal Niche Compare to Another Niche. 

It Needs an Investment of Less Than $100 to Start a Blog With a Domain and Webhosting, Go With Bluehost, One of the Best Hosting to Start a Blog.

If You Have Proper Writing Knowledge, Idea on Law and Different Problems People Face Related to Attorneys, Then You Can Start a Blog on This and Provide Different Information About Legal Advice and Answer to Different Queries.

There Are Multiple Methods to Monetize and Make Money From Blogging in the Attorney Niche. You Can Place Ads in Your Blog, Sell Law Related Books With Affiliate Marketing, Provide Paid Online Consultancy Services, and Many More Methods.

Business Ideas in Law & For Lawyers Infographics
Small Business Ideas in Law & For Lawyers/Attorney Infographics

3. Freelance Writing

The Attorney Is a Very Bright Niche and Has Multiple Methods to Make Money From This. Freelance Writing Is One of Them. Both Online and Offline the Demand for Freelancing Writing Is Very High. Most People Don’t Have the Proper Idea of How to Write a Legal Document or Representation. So They Look for Freelance Writer.

In Online Field, There Are Many Bloggers, Media Companies, and Businesses That Need Lawyer Writer to Write Law Articles, Cover the Latest Attorney Information in Detailed. The Amount of Earnings Is Very High as a Compare to Offline Write.

Offline You Can Earn $500 to $1500 on Writing Law and Legal Related Issues and Documents, but the Scenario Is Completely Changed in Online. You Can Earn $1000 to $10000 Per Month, by Writing Articles, Documents, and Rewrites. 

Many Bloggers Pay Very High Amount on Writing Above 1000 Words Article in Law & Business. Join Different Freelancing Platforms Like Upwork, Fiverr,, and Others to Get Clients Online.

4. Agent/ Manager Service

There Are Different Types of Famous Person Like Singer, Actors, Dancers, and Others Looking for Lawyers as Agents to Handle All the Legal Issues and Documents of Their Business. 

If You Have a Strong Profile in Attorney, Then You Can Work as an Agent for Celebrities, Artists, Writer, Athletes, and Other Famous People. 

They Need an Agent or Manager to Handle Lucrative Deals, Legal Issues and Most Importantly Negotiate With Clients. The Earning Potential Is Very High, in This Business but It Needs Good Working Profile in Law.

5. Book Author

There Are Many Laws in Different Countries, Many Law Students Looking for Good Books to Improve and Practice Purpose. You Can Write a Textual Book in Law and Cover Biggest Law Firms, Transactional Law, Corporate Law and Other to Sell It With a Publisher. 

You Can Sell Books in Different Book Stores or Open Your Own Lawbook Showroom Where You Can Sell Different Products Related to Law, Live Legal Papers, Merchandises, Handbooks, and Many More. 

6. Become a Legal Book Seller on Amazon

If You Have Written Your Own Book Then You Can Convert It Into an Ebook and Then Sell It on Amazon. 

Amazon Is the Largest Online Book Selling Website, Where You Can List Your Books Both Ebooks or Physical Books, and Sell Them Globally.

Amazon Will Handle All the Shipping and Other Warehouse. It Is the Best Method to Reach Many People and Sell Your Books Online.

7. Coaching

Many Students Need a Good Coach to Learn and Practices Law. If You Have a Good Experience, Then You Can Start Coaching New Students. 

Help Them to Learn New Laws, Market Research, Commercial Law, Biggest Law Firms, Legal Business, Corporate Law, Legal Dealing, and Share Your Personal Growth Experience With Them.

Make Money From Coaching on a Monthly Basis or You Can Also Sell Them Your Books and Merchandise. Provide Personal Coaching and Advice to Grow Career in Law Business.

8. Wedding Counseling

Marriage Is a Very Big Topic and the Need of Lawyer in Marriage Very High. It Is a Futureproof Offline Business, Where Most People Get Married. 

There Are Different Situations People Face in Married Life and Need Lawyer to Solve, Those Issues.

You Can Open Marriage Court With Proper Certification(Husband and Wife Law Firm). It Is One of the Most Profitable Offline Businesses in Law. 

Nowadays Most People Like to Get Married in Court Before a Ritual Marriage. You Can Help Them to Get Married With Legal Documents.

And When It Comes to Divorce Due to Different Personal Issues, Then You Can Also Help Them. There Is Very High Earning Potential in Marritetial Counseling.

9. Video Creator

Do You Know

Where the Most People Search Their Different Issues? 

It Is the Internet.

People Love to Get Those Answers in Video Form. So There Is a Very Good Potential of Starting a Career as a Video Creator.

Mostly I Can Recommend You to Open a Legal Channel on Youtube, Because of Its Huge Potential, and You Can Also Cover it on Other Social Media Platforms.

It Is Another Online Law Business Idea, Which Can Cross Your Main Stream Income. Create Video on Most Demanding Video in Law and Upload It on Youtube. 

There Are Multiple Methods to Monetize Your Youtube Channel and Other Video Platforms. 

You Can Join the Youtube Partner Program and Earn With Ads on Youtube. Sell Affiliate Products, Paid Consultancy, and Sponsor Posts to Earn More as a Legal Video Creator. 

10. Business Lawyer

The Need for a Lawyer in Any Business Is Very High So They Hire a Personal Business Lawyer to Handle All the Issues, Legal Documents, Property and Other License. 

If You Have an Idea of All These Then You Can Start Your Career as a Business Lawyer.

It Needs a Degree to Become a Business Lawyer and to Work for a Business. 

You Have to Handle All the Legal Issues, Transactional Law, Finance, Legal Business, License, and Others as a Small Business Lawyer. They can Pay as a Monthly Salary for This Work or You Can Work on a Contract Basis.

Find Local Businesses to Get This Transactional Lawyer Work Easily by Directly Pitching Them Out.

11. Counseling(Sports Counselor, Career Counselor, Family Counselor) 

Working as a Counselor Is Also an Excellent Offline Business to Start Career in Attorney. There Are Different Types of Counseling Services and All Are Profitable. 

You Can Start as a Marriage Counselor, Sports Counselor, Career Counselor, and Family Counselor.

Mostly Lawyer Is a Legal Profession, Which Is Mainly Focused on Helping Others. You Can Also Do This and Start a Career for Work, for Other Famous People, or Create Your Own Business.

12. Resume Writer

Most People and Young Lawyers Don’t Have Proper Ideas How to Write a Resume or Legal or Official Document, So They Look for Freelance Resumes Writers in the Law Profession. 

If You Have an Idea on How to Write a Resume or Legal Documents Then You Can Start This as a Part-time Business.

Write Quality Resume and Sell Them at Higher Price, You Can Also Join Multiple Freelancing Sites to Get Clients for Resume Write or Legal Document Write Freelancing Job.


If You Are Already in This Law Field, Then There Are Multiple Methods to Make Money, and of course, It Is a Future Proof Business on Both Online and Offline. 

If You Are a Law Student and Wan to Make Some Extra or Pocket Money Then You Can Also Do Blogging, Online Consultancy, and Freelance Writing.

An Attorney Is a Very Low Competitive Niche, Because Every Person Doesn’t Have a Proper Idea on Law, but You Can Gather Knowledge and Use It in Blogging and Freelance Writing, Which Are the Best Online Methods to Make Money From This Attorney Niche Without Any Degree or Previous Skills.

We Cover All the Latest Business and Small Business Development Ideas, So You Can Also Visit Another Post on This Site to Read More Interesting & Informative Articles.