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Best Money Making Ideas on Youtube in 2023 | Make Money From Home - Smallbusinesstree

Best Money Making Ideas on Youtube in 2023 | Make Money From Home

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 The Internet makes it easy for us to get many things. One of them is making money from using the YouTube platform.

Speaking of YouTube, you already know that this video-sharing website is owned by Google? Because that’s the most common way to make money from it to activate AdSense (Google advertising).

According to Influencer Marketing Hub, if every day you get 50,000 views on YouTube and a 7% engagement rate, approximately in a year you can generate the US $ 8,000 from AdSense. So many, right?

5 Ways to Make Money from YouTube.

Unfortunately, AdSense on YouTube is complicated right now. The requirements for activation are many, plus your videos can suddenly not be monetized.

Edits, don’t panic! Luckily there are still many ways to make money from your YouTube channel so you don’t just depend on AdSense. Curious? Listen to this article to the end, yes.

5 Ways to Make Money from YouTube in 2022

Here you can find five ways to get money from YouTube.

1. Join the YouTube Partner Program

This is the most common way that allows videos on your channel to make money: AdSense advertising through the YouTube Partner Program.

Later, the revenue from advertising will be divided: 40% for YouTube and 60% for your share.

Even so, you can enjoy several conveniences when joining this Partner Program. Among others:

  • no need to find sponsors yourself because YouTube has bridged it;
  • you can set the number of times the ad appears;
  • PPC rewards (number of ads clicked) and CPM (payment per 1000 views) are competitive.

Now, if the money collected is equivalent to the US $ 100, it can be disbursed immediately.

It’s just that, to display AdSense you must meet several conditions first. It’s not like a few years ago where there were no conditions at all. What criteria do you need to meet?

  • You must be at least 18 years of age or find a legal guardian to transfer payments
  • Have a minimum of 1000 subscribers
  •  The channel has over 4000 hours of views a year (accumulated)
  •  Does not violate the terms and conditions of monetization

There’s more to remember, in this new rule, not all channels can pass the selection. If your channel is considered advertiser-friendly, your ads will not appear.

Examples of videos that are not advertiser-friendly include videos about crimes, dangerous acts, or conspiracy theories.

Then, what are the signs that you have been accepted into this program?

So, if you feel you have met the minimum requirements, you can go to the monetization menu on your YouTube then click join request.

2. Channel memberships

This second method is still internal to YouTube. For example, if you are productive of producing quality videos and you happen to watch and subscribe to many, don’t hesitate to activate this feature.

Here, your audience will pay a monthly fee to be able to access exclusive content.

Similar to the partner program, there are several requirements to be able to join, including:

  • Minimum age 18 years
  • Must come from a country that already has this program
  • Not a special channel for children
  • Have at least 30,000 subscribers for general channels or 1,000 for gaming channels
  • Already activated the YouTube Partner Program

Doesn’t have as many videos that other parties claim. For example, because it uses certain music that has a copyright.

Later, your “premium customers” will get badges according to the costs incurred. They can also access exclusive video features, live chat, and emojis. Remember, if you activate this feature, make sure you really offer “added value” so that they feel at home and don’t spend extra money in vain.

Oh yeah, there’s a little extra. Apart from being able to apply these points directly from YouTube, you can also try using similar websites. For example Patreon. The concept is the same, your supporters will pay a certain fee every month.

5 Ways to Make Money from YouTube.

3. Selling merchandise

It is very possible that the income from AdSense is not enough. Arriving if it turns out that many of your videos have been demonetized. What a mess!

Automatically, you also have to turn your brain so that there are other sources of income. At this point, you can sell merchandise! One thing you need to remember, make sure that your merchandise will sell well. If not, you could even lose. How do you get it to sell?

If you already have a lot of customers, that’s not bad, you already have an audience. Arriving if the engagement is high, they are usually willing to buy. Besides that, make sure your merchandise is good. Both in quality and design.

Merchants that sell are usually those that can be used everywhere and are not shy. It can be clothes, tote bags, phone cases, notebooks, and so on. There is already a picture, right? If you don’t have the initial capital for production, how about it? Easy! Now there are many websites that provide on-demand services – created when there is an order.

So there’s no reason not to try,?

4. Influencer marketing

This method isn’t for everyone – especially if you’re just starting out. However, when you have gathered tons of subscribers with an impressive level of interaction, don’t hesitate to take advantage of them!

At the “influencer” level, you can contact brands so that they sponsor their videos. Different from AdSense, the money you earn from this can 100% go to your pocket!

Even though it looks really good, you still have to comply with YouTube’s requirements for sponsored content. One way is to check the sump option

 your video contains paid promotions when uploading it.

Then, pack the promotional video well. If the video is made haphazardly and repeated, your audience may even feel annoyed. Even other brands are wondering if they want to work together.

Oh yes! One more thing, because here you are free to negotiate brands, still make sure that all the processes are professional. This is useful for enjoying a reputation so that it opens the door to stay invited in future promotions.

5 Ways to Make Money from YouTube.


5. Join an affiliate program

Do you know that this affiliate program is similar but not the same as influencer marketing?

The picture is this, the amount paid for influencer marketing is generally agreed upon at the beginning. Whereas affiliation allows you to get results according to the performance of your video.

So, the more your audience makes transactions through your affiliate link, the bigger the commission you will get. Interesting right?

Make no mistake, this affiliation has become a big trend overseas. Even its earnings can rival income from other sources.

For optimal results, make sure to use affiliations that are indeed connected to the topic of the video being made. Don’t make a vlog about watches but an affiliate link to a website hosting service provider and a domain. The wrong strategy, please!