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 Do you know what kind of content you want to create? If so, now you can continue learning about How to create YouTube content. It must be remembered that the way to make money from YouTube always starts with quality content.

So in this chapter, you will be guided to create quality YouTube content until you can make money from YouTube. We will guide you in choosing the type of content for YouTube to monetizing YouTube.


14+ Ways to Make Money from YouTube

14+ Ways to Make Money from YouTube

1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is an important step in how to make money from YouTube. The reason is so that you can create content that a lot of people are really looking for.

You can do keyword research for YouTube using Google Trends. The method is the same when you do keyword research for a blog or website. The difference is you need to change the search category to YouTube Search as below:

Apart from that, you can also take advantage of YouTube search predictions. When writing keywords in the search field, YouTube will provide various keyword predictions. For example, below I am looking for keywords to create a website and YouTube provides predictions from creating a website with WordPress, creating a free website, to creating a website with HTML.

2. Create a High Retention Video

Maybe the term high retention video is still quite foreign to most people. What is meant by high retention video is the average percentage of videos watched. For example, suppose you upload a video that is 10 minutes long and the average person only watches that video for 5 minutes. This means that your video retention rate is 50 percent.

YouTube certainly prioritizes videos with high retention because it makes people spend more time on its platform. The higher your video retention rate, the more likely it will appear at the top of YouTube search results.

As long as you make videos that are interesting, quality, and in accordance with the needs of the audience, your videos have the potential to achieve high retention rates.

3. Know the YouTube Ranking Factors

If in Google search results you compete with thousands of other websites or blogs, on YouTube you will be competing with hundreds or even thousands of other channels. The hope is that your videos always appear at the top of the search results for related keywords.

Here are some of the factors that determine the ranking of videos on YouTube:

  • Number of Comments

Backlink.io’s research on 1.3 million YouTube videos shows videos with more comments tend to rank in the top search results. Not everyone is pleased to leave comments on YouTube videos.

You can outsmart by asking viewers to leave questions or ideas for the next video. That way viewers are encouraged to comment on your video.

  • Number of Subscribers After Watching Videos

Viewers who immediately subscribe after watching your video are a good signal to YouTube. This means that your video is of good quality and interesting according to the audience. In the video, you can also ask viewers to like and subscribe.

  • Share video

The number of video shares also determines your ranking in YouTube search results. Of course, people will only share videos that they think are good and should be watched by many people.

So quality is the main key so that your video is widely shared on social media. Apart from that, you can also remind viewers to share your video.

  • Click-Through Rate (CTR)

I’ve discussed CTR in Google search results in this article and how it works the same in YouTube search results. In essence, Click Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of the number of clicks to the number of search result impressions.

For example, when people search for the keyword “create a website”, your video appears 1000 times in YouTube search results. Appearing in any order is counted as an impression. Say 100 people click on your video. So your CTR is 10 percent.

The higher your CTR, the more likely YouTube will place your video at the top of the search results.

  • Video duration

Just like articles on a website or blog, the length of YouTube videos is also important. The duration of the video is an important factor that determines the ranking of YouTube search results. The Backlink.io study shows longer duration videos tend to rank in the top of search results.

There are no specific studies on how long the ideal duration for YouTube videos is. However, try to cover your content as completely as possible. Feel free to make long videos. As long as the quality is good and what viewers want, your video will still be watched.

14+ Ways to Make Money from YouTube

4. Optimization of Title and Description

First impression matters. First impressions are always important. This also applies to your YouTube videos. In general, creating titles for blog articles and YouTube videos is not much different.

You have to summarize the entire video content in one sentence. The title of your YouTube video must be short, concise, clear, and of course, contain a targeted focus keyword.

Just as blogs can use numbers in the title for a listicle (list article), you can apply the same to YouTube videos. Also add words that can attract the attention of the audience such as WOW, Powerful, Great, and so on.

Apart from the title, the video description is also important. Video descriptions help YouTube and Google understand the context of your video. Here are a few things you need to pay attention to when creating a YouTube video description.

First, make a video description of at least 250 words. Second, enter the focus keywords that you are targeting in the first 25 words. Third, at least repeat these focus keywords two to four times.

5. Take advantage of tags

Just like WordPress, you can also add tags when uploading videos on YouTube. Tags can be added via the column below the video description.

Although they may seem trivial, tags help Google and YouTube understand the context of your video. So you should still take advantage of this feature. Add keywords related to your video in the tags.

First and foremost is to enter the focus keywords that you are targeting. Second, add variations or LSI keywords from these keywords. Third, add other keywords that are still related to the focus keyword.

6. Create a Call to Action on Video

You may also notice this when watching videos on YouTube. Content creators usually say things like, “Don’t forget to like and subscribe” or “The link is in the description, okay?”

What the content creator said above is an example of a call to action. They remind viewers to take a profitable action, whether it’s like subscribing, commenting, or clicking a link in the description.

7. Promote Videos on Social Media

In the previous point, I have discussed that the number of shares on social media affects your ranking in YouTube search results. The best-case scenario is that people accidentally find your video, like your video, then share it on social media.

Unfortunately, the reality is not that easy. Sometimes or even often you need to pick up the ball first, that is by actively sharing your YouTube videos on social media and online forums.


There are many social media and online forums that you can use, from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LINE, Kaskus, to Quora. You can also follow groups on Facebook or Kaskus that match the theme of your YouTube channel. That way you can share videos to a segmented audience.

14+ Ways to Make Money from YouTube

8. Connect videos on YouTube with your blog


If you have a blog or website, your YouTube video promotion medium increases by one more. You can add YouTube video embeds to your website or blog. That way your blog or website visitors can watch your videos easily without the need to open YouTube.
Not only does it have a positive effect on your YouTube channel, adding a YouTube video embed also has a positive effect on your blog or website. YouTube videos on blogs or websites will make blog/website visitors last longer. This is certainly a good signal to Google and will improve the quality of your SEO.

9. Cooperation with Brands

After creating quality video content and optimizing it, now is the time to make money from YouTube. There are many ways you can make money from YouTube.
The first way is to work with a brand or company in the form of an endorsement. The company will provide you with products to review on your YouTube channel. You get the product for free and the company gets a new audience.
The benefits you get can vary, from sample products, discount coupons, to cash. It depends on the contract you sign with the company. The more subscribers you have, usually the higher the endorsement fee. You can contact the company in advance and apply for cooperation. If you already have a broad and loyal audience base, employers can even contact you first.
You have to build strong personal branding first so that many companies and brands are willing to work with you. Building personal branding online is not enough just to gather subscribers. You also need to create an online portfolio that anyone can easily access. One way is to create a special website for personal branding.

10. Become an Affiliate Marketer

The next way to get money from YouTube is to become an Affiliate Marketer. Although both promote products, affiliate marketing is different from endorsements. Affiliate marketing uses a commission scheme for its affiliate marketers. In addition, you need to register as an affiliate marketer with the company you want.

11. Monetization of YouTube Channels

Another quite effective way to get money from YouTube is to monetize channels. By monetizing, video viewers on your YouTube channel will see the ad before the video starts.
To be able to monetize, you must meet the requirements set by YouTube. Here are some YouTube monetization requirements that you must meet:
  • Do not show videos about controversial matters, sensitive events, drugs, dangerous acts, hate speech, and acts of violence.
  • Has more than 4000 hours of public watch time over the past 12 months.
  • Have more than 1000 subscribers.
  • Have a linked AdSense account.
  • You can activate ads on the YouTube channel by following this official guide from Google. Make sure you meet all the requirements from YouTube. After registering for monetization, YouTube will conduct a review which may take about a month or more.

12. Selling your own products or services

Another alternative to making money from YouTube is by selling your product or service. This method is usually applied by YouTube channel owners who already have a lot of subscribers.
You can sell anything via YouTube. Laptops, gadgets, musical instruments, books, furniture, cooking utensils, beauty products, graphic design services, video editing services, singing services, and so on.
If you sell homemade products or services, you should also have an official website. That way your audience will find it easier to buy the product or service you offer. For example, Pewdiepie also has an official website for selling merchandise.

13. Add Link in Video Description

Assuming lots of people watching your video on YouTube is certainly a good opportunity to put a link in the video description. Plus the call to action as mentioned in the previous point, you can direct the audience to visit online stores, blogs, social media, affiliations, or websites that work with you.

14. Don’t Focus on Being Viral

The words above were expressed by Maisie Williams, the actor of Arya Stark in the well-known series Game of Thrones. What it means is not to strive to be famous, strive to be talented.
I think the above phrase is suitable for those of you who want to start a YouTube channel and become a YouTube personality or vlogger. The frequent appearance of viral videos on YouTube makes people expect the same, namely viral videos to become famous quickly.

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