Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with Smartphone in 2023 (Low Cost & Profitable)

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Looking to Start a Small Business With Smartphone, but No Ideas, How to Start and How to Select a Best Business.

Then No Worry, I Am Here With the Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas With Smartphone and No/less Investment in 2023.

I Am Fully Sure That, if You Completely Focus on This, and Work Hard, Then You Can Easily Earn a Good Amount of Money From All These Small Businesses With Your Smartphone. 

Are You Excited about It ???

All These Businesses Are Also Best if You Have No Knowledge or Skills. You Can Start All the Business From Home With Smartphone and Earn a Good Amount of Money for Living and Spend a Good Lifestyle.

Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with Smartphone

Top 10 Best Small Business Ideas with Smartphone in 2023

Starting All Business Is a Little Bit Hard, but After a Few Days or Months, You Can Earn a Handsome Amount of Revenue and Live a Happy Life and You Don’t Have to Join 9-5 Jobs. If You Are Already in a Job, Then You Can Also Start All These Businesses for a Side Income.

Give a Maximum of 2-3 Hours Regularly and You Can See the Results Within Few Day.

Before We Jump to Discuss All the Best Small Business Ideas, Make Sure to Do Completely Research and Hard Work to Get Success in Any Business Because All These Small Business Are Easy but Need Consistently and Initial Hard Work to Get Positive Results

1. Blogging

Blogging as a Business

It Is One of the Most Promising and Proven Businesses That You Can Start in 2023 With the Smartphone. It Is Getting Saturated Day by Day, but the Blogging as a Business Field Is Very Big and It Just Need 2 Things One Is Keyword Research and Another Is Quality Content. 

It Doesn’t Matter What Is Your Device and Which Platform You Use. You Have to Install a Good Browser Like Chrome or Opera and You Are Ready to Launch Your Blog With Smartphone.

Learn Keyword Research, Target Low Competitive, and High Cpc Keywords to Get More Ads Revenue by Monetizing Your Website With Different Ad Network. There Are Different Types of Advertising Platforms You Can Choose Like Adsense, Facebook Audience Network, Ezoic,, and Many More.

Key Points to Remember

  1. You Can Earn From 100$ to 5000$ With a Single Blog
  2. Start It if You Have Intrest in Writing
  3. Learn Keyword Research
  4. It Needs Basic Investment Like Hosting, Domain, and Plugins to Make It Live online

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing Is One of the Most Successful Online Businesses, You Can Start With Your Smartphone at Your Home. In Affiliate Marketing, You Have to Promote Other Products and Get Commission From Them.

It Needs a Website or Landing Page to Promote other products, You Can Also Create Blogs and Write About the Product and Then Rank the Blog Organically and Sell Products.

if You Do Not Have Any Amount of Financial Investment, You Can Go With Free Methods and Free Landing Page Websites Like Blogger, Weebly, Google Site, Medium, and Many More Platforms.

Focus on Finding High Paying and Recurring Commission-based Affiliate Marketing. Some Best Affiliate Platforms Are Amazon, Clickbank, Jvzoo, Different Hosting, and Plugin Affiliates.

  1. You Can Sell Products by Both Free and Paid Methods
  2. Do Need High Technical Skills
  3. Earn 50-10000$ Per Month With Affiliate Marketing
  4. Focus on High Paying Affiliate Programs

3. Photo Selling Business

Modern Technology Improve the Modern Smartphones Technology. Now the Smartphones Are Coming to the Market With the Latest and High-quality Camera, Processor, RAM, and Many More. You Can Easily Start Photo Selling Business With a Smartphone if You Love to Capture Photos.

Many Companies Looking for Different Types of Stock Photos and Images. They Pay a Good Amount of Money for Them. Just Capture Some of the Best Images With Your Smartphone and Do the Basic Color Correction.

Create Your Own Website and Sell the Photos Direct to the Client or Upload It to the Most Popular Photo Selling Websites. Best Photo Selling Websites Are Adobe Stock, Shutterstock, Alamy, Fotomooto,500px, and Many More

  1. Start It if You Have a Passion for Photography
  2. Earn 20$-500$ as Per the Image
  3. Sell Niche Related Images for Better Sales
  4. It Needs Patient to Get the First Client

4. Product Reselling Business

Product Reselling Business

Many People and Businesses Want to Sell Their Products but They Do Not Have Any Proper Ideas to Sell Products. 

You Can Find Them and Help Them to Sell Their Product With the Help of Digital Marketing. If You Are Good at Marketing Then You Can Easily Sell Their Product.

In This Business, You Can Add Any Extra Amount, and With the Actual Price, and Sell It to the Customer. Most Businesses Have Their Own App and You Just Need to Download the App> Choose the Product> Add You Commission> Sell It.

All the Extra Money You Can Keep It and Also Charge the Parent Business for Selling Charges. This Is One of the Best Businesses You Can Start From Home and Make Money Online With the Help of Smartphones.

  1. Sell Product With the Help of Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Instagram Ads
  2. You Can Do It for Free With the Help of Social Media Marketing
  3. Get Paid From Both Side From Customer and Business Owner Side
  4. It Needs Basic Investment to Market the Products

5. Freelancing Business

Freelancing Is an Amazing Business Model, Which Helps to Start a Business for Free and With the Smartphone. Find Your Inner Skills or Focus on the Most Demanding Skills Like Web Designing, Content Writing, Image Designing, Photo Editing, Video Editing, and Many More. 

There Are Many Apps and Websites, Where You Can Editing Good Photos and Videos With the Help of Your Smartphone.

Try to Find Direct Clients or Join Different Popular Freelancing Platforms Like, Upwork, Fiver, Guru, People Per Hour, and Many More. 

Getting the First Order Is a Little Bit Hard but After Your First Sale, You Can Get an Idea of How to Find a Client. Facebook Groups Are the Best Methods to Find Clients Easily.

  1. It Makes You Self Independent
  2. Work From Home
  3. Earn From Different Services
  4. Easily Start With the Smartphone

6. Youtube as a Small Business

Youtube as Business

Youtube Is One the Most Popular Small Business Idea to Start From Home With Smartphone. It Needs No Investment to Start a Youtube Channel. You Just Need a Smartphone and an Internet Connection and You Are Ready to Go. 

On Youtube People Love to Consumer Informative and Entertainment Videos, So Focus on Providing Quality Content Video.

Obviously, Youtube Is Getting Competitive Day by Day, but There Are Millions of Users Coming Daily to Consume Video From Youtube. Focus on Creating Niche Based Youtube Channel, Where You Can Make a Good Amount of Money With Low Views and Subscribers,

Some Best Youtube Channels Niches Are Blogging, Marketing, Business, Trading, Finance, and Personal Advice.

  1. It Needs Consistency to Grow on Youtube
  2. There Are Multiple Methods to Make Money From Youtube
  3. Seen Traffic to Other Platforms and Grow Everywhere
  4. Work on Niche Based Youtube Channels and Follow Guidelines

7. Photo Editing

Photo Editing as a Business

If You Love Photo Editing, Then It Is Time to Make It a Business and Earn a Living From It. It Is One of the Most Demanding and Future Proof Small Business Ideas to Start From Home. It Needs Zero Investment to Start With Smartphone.

There Are Many Android Apps Are There, Which Can Help You to Create Amazing Quality Images, You Do Poto Editing, for Your Clients and Customers.

You Can Use Some Popular Photo Editing Apps Like Picsart, Lightroom, Snapseed, Pixlr, Auto Desk Sketchbook, and Many More. You Can Design Posters, Banners, Custom Editing, and Many More. There Are Many Businesses, Who Look for a Photo Editor.

  1. You Can Do Both Job or Freelancing
  2. Easily Start With Smartphone
  3. You Can Charge for Full Projects or Custom Image Design
  4. Easily Get Client From Fiver and Other Freelancing platforms

8. Career as a Video Editor

Video Editing Small Business

Video Editing Is Also Another Future Proof Small Business Ideas, Which You Can Start From Home With Your Smartphone. There Are Already Many Professional Video Editing Apps, Which Can Help You Edit Video With the Smartphone.

There Is a Great Scope in Video Editing in the Present and Future. There Are Many Influencers, Youtubers, Course Creators Looking for Video Editor Fro Video Editing. You Can Directly Pitch Them or Also Join Different Freelancing Platforms to Get Clients.

Some Best Video Editing Apps Are Kinemaster, Filmorago, Action Director, Powerdirector, Inshot Are Many More. If You Don’t Have Any Idea on How to Edit Video on Smartphone, Then You Can Watch Free Videos From Youtube and Learn Video Editing.

  1. Directly Send Mails to the Influencers to Get Clients
  2. Earn From Hourly or Project Basis
  3. Huge Demand for Video Editor in the Market
  4. Start It if You Love to Edit Video

9. Content Writing

There Are Millions of Websites and Blogs on the Internet and the Blog Owner Always Looking for Content Writer. If Your Passion Is Writing, Then It Is the Perfect Time to Make It a Small Business. You Can Start It With Your Smartphone. Just Download Any Writing Apps or Use Google Docs to Write Content.

The Price of a Quality Business Article Is 1000$, Here You Can Assume the Business Potential of Content Writing. It Needs to Learn Basic SEO to Optimise the Article as an SEO Friendly Article. You Can Easily Get Your First Client by Joining Different Freelancing Platforms or Directly Pitch to the Customers.

  1. There Is a Huge Business Potential of Content Writing
  2. Easily Start With Smartphone and Make Money From Home
  3. Earn 100$-5000$ Per Month With Content Writing as Per Your Skills
  4. Start It as Side or Full-time Business

10. Business With the Help of Amazon

There Are Many Small Business Ideas You Can Start With Amazon. There Are Easy to Start and the Market Is Very Big. You Choose Any of Them and Start It From Your Home With the Smartphone. You Can Start Affiliate Marketing, FBA, Amazon Seller, and Many More.

Many People Who Generate a Good Amount of Money With the Help of Affiliate Marketing With Amazon. You Can Create a Blog, Website, Youtube Channel and Promote the Products of Amazon and Earn Commission From It.

You Can Also Sell Your Local Business Products With the Help of Amazon. You Have to List Products in Amazon Store and Amazon Sell Your Products. You Do Not Have to Take Any Tension About Transportation, Selling, and Other Things.

Both Affiliate Marketing and Amazon Seller Business You Can Start With the Smartphone.

  1. Proper Research Can Help You to Sell and Earn More
  2. The Amazon Affiliate Is Very Huge, So You Can Easy Find Low Competitive Products and Easily Sell Them
  3. Sell Product With the Help of Paid Ads, Blogs, Youtube Channels, and Many More
  4. Amazon Is a Trusted Company So You Can Confidently Start Small Business With the Help of Amazon

11. Mobile App Business

Obviously, It Is Impossible to Create Good Apps, With Smartphones but There Is a Huge App Related Small Business You Can Start With the Smartphone. It Is Apps Marketing Small Business. If You Have No Idea to Create Apps Then, Hire an Android App Developer and Create Apps. Try to Create the Best Apps to Get More Downloads and User Engagement.

In This Business, You Have to Market the Apps With the Help of Ad Marketing and Increase the Numbers of Downloads. As Much Downloads, You Get That Much Money You Can Make. Use Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Bing Ads, and Other Adnetwork to Get Multiple Downloads of the App.

There Are Multiple Monetising Options Are Available in Apps Marketing. Monetize the App With the Help of Different Ad Network Like Google Adsense, Facebook Ads, and Other Native Ads. Use Different Affiliate Marketing and Subscription to Earn From the App.

  1. Very Low Competitive Business Ideas
  2. Multiple Montising Methods
  3. Need Basic Investments to Start
  4. Think Different App Idea to Make It a Large

Different Online Business

There Are Many Online Businesses, Which Can Start With the Smartphone. You Just Need to Explore the Internet and Develop Some Good Skills. Your Age, Gender, Colour, It Doesn’t Matter if You Have Good Skills. If You Have No Skills, Then No Worry, With the Help of the Internet, You Can Easily Learn Different Popular Skills. 

Join Different Course and Learn From Tutors. If you have No Money then Watch Different Course Video On Youtube. There are many Free Courses On Youtube and You can Learn Them For Free.

Today in This Modern World, Smartphones Are Much Capable to Start Many Online Businesses From Your Home. There Are Many Businesses You Can Start From Home, Some Best Businesses Are Affiliate Marketing, Digital Marketer, Social Media Marketer, Small Business Consultant, Online Tutor, Youtuber, Content Writing, Designing, Blogging, Seo for Blogs, and Many More.

  1. The Online Market Is Very Huge and It Is Growing Day by Day
  2. Easily Start and Operator From Home
  3. There Is No Loss in Different Pandemic
  4. Different Career Opportunities to Start

Business Ideas With No Investment With Smartphone

Are You Thinking, Is There Any Business Without Any Investment?

The Answer Is “Yes”. There Are Many Online Businesses You Can Start With Zero Investment and Earn a Good Amount of Money From It. 

You Can Do It From Your Home With the Help of Your Smartphone. You Can Easily Start It as Small Business or Side Business to Generate Extra Revenue. It Doesn’t Matter if You Are a Jobber, Student, Housewife, You Can Easily Start All These Small Business From Home and Earn Money Online.

Small Business With No Investments Are:-

  • Sell Service
  • Content Writing
  • Youtuber
  • Online Tutor
  • Re-seller
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Influencer


Most of These Businesses Are Online Jobs, Because in Online Business, You Do Not Need to Go Anywhere, You Can Easily Do It From Home and Earn Money Online. If You Are Interested and Want to Learn More About Any Business, Then Comment Down, We Try Our Best to Post It as Soon as Possible.

Comment Down, Which Small Business You Are Going to Start With Your Smartphone in 2021 and What Is You Are Currently Doing. I Hope You Like This. We Tried Our Best to Provide You All the Latest Information About Small Businesses. 

If You Choose Any Business Ideas From the Above, Then Keep in Mind That Hard Work and Good Research Will Help You to Grow in the Long Run.