Regarding the tools needed in the game of Baseball

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 The Tools needed in a Baseball game include a ball, a bat, and a stake for a marker. This game is included as a small ball game of two teams, each as a batting team and a guard squad.

The game of baseball is at first glance similar to baseball or softball but has slightly different rules. In the baseball game, the size of the ball used and how to get the value differ from the two games.

The following is a more complete explanation of the tools that need to be prepared for playing baseball.

Regarding the tools needed in the game of Baseball

The Tools needed in Baseball games

The baseball game is a small ball game played by two teams, namely the guard team and the batting team. Each team consists of 12 people. To be able to play baseball well, a player must master the techniques of hitting, throwing, and catching a baseball.

This game can be played in various locations as long as there is a large field. Apart from being healthy for the body because it triggers us to move, playing baseball can also train the players’ cohesiveness, agility, and discipline.

There are several locations and equipment that need to be prepared before you play baseball, namely:

1. Field

The field used to play baseball is a rectangle with a length of 60-70 meters and a width of 30 meters.

In the field, there must be 1 room each for the guard, bat, booster, and free space. Meanwhile, in the middle of the field, there must be three points that will be used as places to stick 2 perching poles and 1 aid pole.

2. The ball

The balls that can be used in the baseball game are made of rubber or leather with a circle size of 19-20 cm. The recommended baseball ball weight is 70-80 grams.

3. The club

The bat is made of wood with a length of between 50-60 cm. The cross-section of the stick is oval and should be no more than 5 cm wide and 3.5 cm thick. Meanwhile, the length of the stick in the baseball game is 15-20 cm with a thickness of 3 cm and may not be bandaged.

4. Mast perch

In the baseball game, there are two types of poles that are used, namely relief poles and free poles or perched poles.

Both types of poles can be made of wood, iron, or bamboo. The post must be well embedded in the ground or field and be at least 1.5 m above the ground.

5. Flag

Flags are not mandatory equipment. However, if you want to put a flag on each pole, then the color on each type of pole must be distinguished. For example, the color of the flag on a perch is different from that of a relief pole. The size of the flag should also not exceed 0.5 m.

Regarding the tools needed in the game of Baseball

History of baseball games

Until now, it is not known when the game of baseball was first performed. However, based on the oldest recorded history, this sport was played in 1744 in England. This story is written in the book by John Newbery.

Furthermore, in 1828, William Clarke who also came from England wrote a book that included the rules of playing baseball. In 1884, the formal rules of writing were published by the Athletic Gaelic Association (GAA) in Ireland, which are still in official use in the country today.

Meanwhile, in England, official rules and associations of baseball were only formed in 1943.

Now, the game of baseball is rarely played in its home countries. Kasti is also considered the forerunner of the sport of baseball which is still popular today.

The Benefits of playing baseball

There are many benefits that can be obtained from playing baseball, such as:

  • Healthy body because when playing baseball, we will run and move so that we train many organs
  • Increase the attitude of sportsmanship between players or friends
  • Improve discipline by knowing and applying game rules
  • Develop the ability to use strategies and techniques involved in organized activities
  • Establish friendly relations and good cooperation
  • Learn to communicate and cooperate with others
  • Provides channels for self-expression and creativity
  • Develops the ability to use strategies and techniques involved in
  • Game activities

The game of baseball is an inexpensive sport that can be done at various locations and times. By playing baseball, healthy activities for the body can be fun.

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