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The New habit customization allows the business to be restarted. However, the existence of a health protocol will certainly shape various business behaviors. For example, there are many businesses that have started doing online related to physical disturbance obligations.

Not only this, but the corona epidemic has also created new consumption patterns. One of them is the increasing consumer demand for frozen food. This could certainly be a new business opportunity in the aftermath of the epidemic.

So, what are the business opportunities after another epidemic? In this article, we will provide a list of business ideas in the new general era. Immediately, consider the following explanation.

Post Pandemic Business Ideas

7+ Business Opportunities you can try after the Epidemic | Post Pandemic Business Ideas

Several potential business opportunities have proved promising after Corona. what can you do? Here is a list of 7+ business opportunities you can try after the epidemic,

1. Selling Fashion Products

In fact, one e-commerce company noted that sales of fashion products have doubled. For example, a local clothing brand, Mailman. The strategy used by Mailmo is quite ingenious. Another local brand, LiveHaf, is doing the same. In addition to selling products at affordable prices, they are also doing promos for free shipping and discounted prices.

Well, the online fashion business opportunity is still very promising. You can sell trending household clothes as needed during a pandemic. Or, you can find other opportunities according to your product.

Oh yes, don’t forget, you also need to create an online store website and make digital marketing efforts like what LiveHaf did above. The goal is to reach more of your target consumers.

2. Selling Literary Drink Products

This step was apparently also taken by a local coffee businessman, Kopi Kenangan. In addition to selling literary products, Kopi Kenangan is actively promoting on social media through its Instagram account. In fact, they also have their own website, you know. Is selling literal drinks profitable enough? Of course. The Bukanegara Coffee shop in Jakarta, for example. They have been able to sell 500 liters of coffee a day since the product became a trend during the pandemic.

So, seeing literal coffee that is quite a in demand, you can also try this business. In fact, you can also sell other literal drink products.

Our advice, maximize online sales, both through online applications and websites. Don’t forget, try to promote through social media.

3. Selling Frozen Food and Snacks

Culinary businesses such as cafes and restaurants with dine-in services are some of the businesses most affected by the corona pandemic. 

For example, Es Teller 77 is implementing a strategy to sell frozen food products. With this strategy, their business will not be affected by the quiet dine-in. Because their business began to be directed to takeaway products with online sales. 

Es Teller 77 provides an online ordering service on their website. Buyers can click the WhatsApp icon to be directed to ordering via WhatsApp. This strategy is not only done by Es Teller 77. Other culinary businesses, also do the same. For example, Kid Frozen Foods.

During the pandemic, sales of KIdav Frozen Food even increased by 100%. This is because frozen food products are indeed more attractive to consumers today. Why? Because this type of food is easy to process and can last a long time. 

Apart from frozen food, snacks have the opportunity to become a new business after the pandemic. For example, the success achieved by Snack Master. The Bandung-based snack food manufacturer was able to triple its sales during the pandemic. The key to success comes from carefulness to attract buyers from various discount offers. Receiving, through online applications.

In general, the income turnover of MSMEs in the food sector from online platforms such as Gojek has indeed increased by 2.75 times.

So, from the example above, you certainly have got the inspiration for a business idea in the new normal era, right? If you don’t have a product, we suggest you, join a well-known reseller or franchise program.

4. Selling Beauty and Skin Care Products

 The proof, one of the cosmetic businesses, Haple Cosmetics, recorded an increase in turnover of almost 100%

How is the strategy used? In addition to selling beauty product packages, Haple also provides free hand sanitizers and masks for every product purchase. This strategy turned out to be able to increase business brand awareness.

Now, if we take a deeper look, the suggestion to #dirumahaja actually makes them have more time to take care of themselves. So, this could be an opportunity for cosmetic businesses to sell more products.

Also, many influential people are facing makeup challenges at home. As is often found in Tik Tok and Instagram applications. Starting from the Makeup Brush Challenge to the Sticks Challenge.

Well, because the business opportunity to sell cosmetic products is still high, you can try it. If you don’t have a product or are constrained by capital, start by becoming a drop shipper.

5. Selling Health and Body Care Products

One example is Jamu Iboe. This herbal medicine producer said his business had increased sales by 2-3 times since the pandemic occurred. The strategy is taken to boost online sales and provide home delivery services.

Not only that, but they are also aggressively promoted free shipping and holding giveaways on their Instagram social media.

So, the business idea of ​​selling herbal medicine is still promising, right? Apart from Jammu, you can also sell Indian herbal or spice drinks, such as at weddings. lemongrass wedding, and so on.

6. Selling Personal Equipment (Travel Pack)

Maintaining health by exercising and consuming healthy drinks may not be enough. No wonder in this pandemic situation, consumers are also aware of shared equipment. Receiving, cutlery.

If forced to eat in a place to eat, they tend to bring personal eating and drinking utensils. 

All of the above equipment seems to have become a new requirement. This is certainly a potential business opportunity during a pandemic.

The proof, there is an increase in searches for tableware on Google Search, for example with the following keywords “cutlery set”:.

7. Opening a Website Development Service

On the other hand, only about 8% of MSMEs in India have gone online. This means that the other 92% are still running it conventionally. This is certainly an opportunity for you to open a website creation service.

In doing business online, having a website is very important. Both as a place of sale and purchase, a means of building branding, to make business more trustworthy. In fact, based on a Verisign survey, 65% of business owners say a website can make their business more credible.

By opening a website creation business, you can actually reap high profits. Because, the need for websites is increasing, but not everyone can create their own website.

As a first step, you can promote your business through your personal website or social media. You can also set up a one-stop service with hosting packages and domains. So, it makes it easier for consumers.