How to choose racquets and other badminton equipment

 In playing badminton, don't think about how to train your skills or techniques to do a hard smash or serve a flick that outwits your opponent. You must first choose the right badminton equipment to make sure the technique goes according to your plan.

Apart from racquets, make sure to choose a good quality shuttle to complement it, you are also advised to wear special shoes and clothes that will not restrict movement or increase the risk of injury.

How to choose racquets and other badminton equipment

Badminton equipment includes a racket, this is how to choose it

There are many racket brands circulating in Indonesia, such as Yonex, Lining, Victor, Astec, and so on. For beginners, you can choose a racket with a more affordable price, but as much as possible fulfill the following aspects.

  • Feels light

The lightest racket does not equal the best racket. However, a lighter racket will improve your maneuverability and swing, making it easier for beginners to hit their strokes.

  • The handle fits the size of the hand

The size of the handle is denoted by the letter 'G' and is followed by a number. A larger number means a smaller grip size. For beginners, choose a grip that fits the size of the hand, meaning that it is neither too big nor too small.

  • Handle material according to choice

In the grip position, there is a racket that uses a towel (absorbs dryness but accumulates germs). Some are made of synthetic material (stronger, but does not absorb sweat). Choose the one according to your preferences.

  • 19-20 string suit

The tighter the string setting, the tighter the hits you will produce. However, beginners are advised to tune the strings at 19-20 (max. 25+) so that the strikes are more controlled.

Other badminton equipment recommendations

Apart from racquets, other badminton equipment that you should also have are:

1. How bad badminton

The number of these goose feathers is between 14-16 strands and embedded in the cork which is wrapped in white leather and tied with two ropes so that it does not come off easily. There are also those made of rubber, both for cork and feathers, with the same shape, size, and size as goose down. It's just that, how come plastic is used only for training.

2. Badminton shoes

Meanwhile, socks are not mandatory, but you should still wear socks that have high sweat absorption. Choose a material that is a little thick so that it is soft and reduces the possibility of skin irritation due to skin friction with shoes.

3. Sports clothes

Also, keep in mind that playing badminton will make you sweat a lot. So, wear clothes that can absorb sweat well. Make sure you choose clothes that are comfortable for you.

Having good badminton equipment does not necessarily make you a world-class athlete like Liliyana Natsir or Taufik Hidayat. However, without good equipment, skills, and techniques in playing this feather clap sport will also not be optimal.

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